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Other services we also offer to our clients

Fire Risk Assessments

As part of English law and under the "The Fire Regulatory Reform Act 2005", we offer a competitively priced professional Fire Risk Assessment to PAS 79 (the insurance approved reporting format) to allow property managers, landlords, freeholders, estate agents, business owners, compliance managers and responsible persons an effective compliance service. We even offer a next day service!

Our Fire Risk Assessment will provide a detailed report, identifying fire safety and electrical compliance, servicing of equipment, DDI compliance, training, access & escape routes, locks and push-bars, signage, etc.......All our comprehensive reports comply with "The Fire Regulatory Reform Act 2005".

Our Fire Risk Assessors are affiliated to the Institute Fire Engineers, providing you and your insurers with professional Fire Risk Assessments for all and any types of Building.

Fire Risk Assessments start at just £195.00 + VAT and multiple property discounts can also apply.

Half Day Fire Warden Training Courses

Where better to train your staff on the latest fire safety regulations and requirements than at your own premises; by hosting Fire Warden training courses in your own premises, you benefit from zero travel costs, site specific training and an environment you can monitor and employees are most comfortable with.

Our half day "all in one" course covers Fire Marshal, Fire Warden & live Fire Extinguisher Training.

IFE (Institute of Fire Engineers) qualified instructors carry out our training, which fully complies with current health & safety legislation, ensuring your HSE and insurance obligations will be fulfilled and staff protected.

Items for discussion will include: Means of escape and muster points, who is the "responsible person", Fire warden responsibilities, Fire telephones, Health and Safety legislation, Use of fire extinguishers (including live tests where space is allowed), liaison and Fire brigade access.

A certificate of competence will be issued to each individual upon successful course completion.

A complete on site course, for up to 10 people from only £395.00 plus VAT.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance to BS5306

Our BAFE/FIA trained professional engineers, service ALL types of extinguishers, including Water, Powder, CO2, Foam and Wet Chemical. All our services are to British Standard BS5306 and therefore meet current insurance company requirements for the annual service of Portable Fire Extinguishers.

We also supply new fire extinguishers, recharges, refills and testing of existing extinguishers. All associated signage, fire blankets, brackets, cabinets, seals, etc. can also be provided - we offer a complete solution and include a 24Hr emergency callout service for replacement units.

Annual service visits start at just £54.95 + VAT (up to 5 units) and inc. small service parts as standard.

Fire Alarm Installations

As an established company we are able to Design, Install and Commission Fire Alarm Systems to meet BS5839 Part 1 2017 and provide certification for all elements of a new installation.

All our surveys and quotations are completely free of charge and provide you with a comprehensive written quotation to the latest standards, insurance and compliance requirements.

We will provide a start to finish solution, from the initial consultation and assessment of the fire risk, through to the certification, training and handover, we really can protect Life and Property with a suitable, cost effective solution.

Buildings are assessed usually from a fire risk assessment or via the building control officer. Each system is categorised to the British standard (BS5839), this allows the correct system to be designed to the risk assessed.

We design system from Category L1 (coverage in all areas), through to Category LD3 systems for domestic premises and smaller premises and communal areas.

Here are a few examples of the Fire Alarm systems most commonly used :

Conventional Fire Systems

These systems are based on zoning of areas and are suitable for small to medium size premises including apartment buildings, offices and shops. The fire resistant cabling is usually installed from the main entrance of the premises to each zone area and incorporates smoke and heat detectors along with manual break glass units and electronic sounders.

Addressable Fire Systems

These types of system allow the user to see the precise location of the detector or manual break glass activated and are generally suitable for medium to larger buildings, where the location of the activation is more critical. These systems are intelligent and more versatile to extend and adapted to changing operations or uses. Printers and Networking can also be achieved with these type of systems and can interface to a multitude of other services to control and signal others.

Radio Fire Systems - Hyfire, EMS, EDA, AICO, etc.

Radio technology has the addressable panel advantages, without the need for wiring. These types of systems are most advantageous; in listed buildings, as temporary fire alarm systems, buildings where wiring is not cost effective, or if minimal disruption is required to a working environment.


VESDA systems give very early detection of smoke and are therefore suitable for protecting business critical areas such as server rooms or other IT installations. The systems give up to 4 levels of activation - e.g. Alert, Action, Fire 1 and Fire 2 - to allow for escalating responses. We offer a "one stop shop" from design through to certification and handover; with full comprehensive service packages to follow.

First Aid Training

First Aid Training

First Aid courses for new and existing First Aiders, following guidelines set out by the Association of First Aiders (AoFA), the HSE and OFQUAL; specifically designed to be in accordance with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

We structure the courses to meet our clients demands and uniquely will attend your work place to save expenses, disruption and time to employers and employees; all our course costs include everything required and cater for up to and including 6 or 12 persons.

All participants, who successfully pass the courses, receive an Association of First Aiders qualification and individual Certification including the OFQUAL logo of approval.

Level 2 (EFAW) Emergency First Aid at Work (QCF))

The Course has two class size rates, 6 persons and 12 persons and uniquely we come to your work place.

This regulated qualification is ideal for anyone wishing to become an emergency first aider and provides learners with skills and knowledge to deal with first aid situations in low risk workplace environments, for the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 and the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations (NI) 1982 purposes. This regulated qualification is ideal for the small office environment, where there is minimal risk to employees.

Level 3 First Aid at Work (QCF)

The Course has two class size rates, 6 persons and 12 persons and uniquely we come to your work place.

This regulated qualification is ideal for anyone wishing to become a first aider. It covers a wider range of subjects to the Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) qualification. It provides learners with the skills and knowledge to deal with first aid situations in higher risk workplaces or where there are an increased number of employees. The course is produced in accordance with the Health & Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 and the Health & Safety (First-Aid) Regulations (NI) 1982.

This is a Regulated Qualification and is ideal for companies whose employees could be exposed to moving vehicles, equipment, hazardous materials or anything an environment other than a small office environment.

Emergency Lighting Service to BS5266

We can install and maintain a wide range of systems from central based battery systems to maintained and non-maintained stand alone units. As you may be aware it is a requirement for a minimum of 2 service visits per year to BS5266.

Emergency lighting is required in both commercial and residential developments to provide lighting to facilitate escape in the event of a power failure. Emergency lighting must comply with the requirements of fire safety legislation as well as the building regulations and must be regularly tested and maintained.

Every year you are required to have a minimum of two service visits to test all emergency lights. These visits consist of a 1 hour and 3 hour test. The tests are designed to ensure the lighting is adequate for coverage and sustainable levels of lighting level are maintained. Our FIA and NAPIT trained engineers will carry this out to ensure your health and safety requirements are met.

We provide and cover :-

We are often able to offer good discounted rates for combined Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting service visits, where the engineers can carry out multiple disciplines whilst on a single visit. Give us a call or email us for some great prices and get covered immediately.

PAT and EICR or PIR (5 year) Electrical Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Testing

Our qualified electricians carry out Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) which covers any appliance that is deemed to be portable, and regular testing of these appliances is a requirement under current Health and Safety regulations. It is a recommendation the appliances are tested annually under the HSE directive.

The PAT Test takes the form of a visual inspection of the appliance, flex and plug; looking for signs of damage or overheating, an inspection of the fuse and connections in each plug are correct and electrical tests for polarity, earthing and insulation.

A label is attached to each plug top or appliance indicating whether it has passed or failed, the test date, re-test date. A record is made for each appliance tested, as well as a summary.

Attendance charges start at £52.95 + VAT and multiple property discounts also apply.

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) or Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) - 5 year Test.

Statutory Electrical Testing has become a requirement for 99% of commercial properties and for all landlords and HMO's owners. All electrical installations deteriorate with age and should be inspected at 5 year (or 10 yrs for privately owned homes) intervals to check whether they are in a satisfactory condition.

We offer a comprehensive Fixed Wiring Test (EICR Installation Condition Report) or even Landlords Electrical Safety Certificate. All our engineers are qualified electricians and have a detailed knowledge of the requirements under the 17th Edition Wiring regulations. The electrician will issue an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) detailing all observations, damage, deterioration, dangerous conditions and any faults found.

The test results are compared to set parameters as designated by the industry and any defects or potential defects recorded and logged. The UK Insurance approved standard for the safety of electrical installations, BS7671 - Requirements for Electrical Installations (IEE Wiring Regulations). The corresponding reporting document takes the form of a seven page report and highlights any problems, using a coding system with terminology of Code 1-3 depending on severity and more specialist codes for other faults found. The end result is a pass or fail of the electrical installation.

Our prices start at £99.00 + VAT and multiple property discounts also apply.

Make a 2 minute call to save you time, money and hassle by having all your fire safety and compliance taken care of with one company.

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